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"Italian design is rooted in tradition but always open to innovation." Antonio Citterio

Designing involves shaping ideas into tangible spaces, focusing on colors, textures, and structure. We prioritize listening to our clients' needs in order to exceed expectations as we bring the finest in Italian design straight to the heart of their projects. Our team of architects and designers advises on optimal space arrangement and technical elements as we assist in making projects truly unique, weaving together stone elements and decorative touches such as furnishings and lighting. Our ability to create personalized havens that seamlessly blend luxury, relaxation, and comfort, stems from our deep-rooted relationships with skilled Italian generational craftsmen.

Design Approach

We shape ideas into tangible spaces by defining structures and colors, prioritizing client satisfaction

Expert Team

Our interior designers offer tailored advice on spatial layout and structural elements

Attention to Detail

Every aspect, from walls to furnishings, is carefully considered to enhance the design

Ultimate Goal

We aim to create personalized environments where relaxation, work, and comfort seamlessly blend a "Taylor Made" experience

We also collaborate with...

TD Stone, located in Verona, Italy at the center of the natural stone industry, which specializes in sourcing and transforming marble, quartzite, travertine, onyx, and granite into stunning designs using expert fabricators and advanced CNC technology, guaranteeing unparalleled quality and beauty.

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